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The Card Group PRISM™ portal offers online, real-time provisioning and reporting. With a few button-clicks, PRISM allows the program’s administrator to:

  • Create accounts for resellers or merchants
  • Create terminal builds for downloads
  • View transaction reports for a single merchant or all merchant groups
Specific reports are available by individual store location, or individual terminal. The platform reports outstanding liabilities in real time and accounts for card inventories as cards are activated.
Stored value platform management – ISO
  • Self-Provisioning of merchant accounts for single stores, chains, franchises, etc.
  • Private label all portals
  • Select primary and all active currencies for programs
  • Establish POS devices for merchants and issue terminal IDs
  • Create terminal file downloads (via ONE Touch POS)
  • Set-up user access to all portals / reporting sites

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